Tzeract is unlocking the next dimension of sports betting entertainment through its unique AI-powered trading and product creation capabilities. This enables Tzeract to deliver margin-driving pricing while empowering operators through the removal of barriers to innovation.


Tzeract’s mission is to enable operators to take sports betting to a new dimension

Driven by evolving consumer behaviour, the traditional way of delivering a sportsbook will soon become outdated. Only those with the ability to accurately price and trade a limitless range of outcomes in automated fashion, delivered in new and innovative ways, will keep pace with consumer demand.

In combining the latest in artificial intelligence and technology with the experience and knowhow of some of the sharpest minds in sports betting, Tzeract not only elevates the betting experience of today but crucially delivers a service capable of unearthing the sports betting entertainment of tomorrow.

Tzeract is part of the Kambi Group, forged on the back of the rich data and decades of expertise required to build the world’s leading AI-powered trading operation. A tried and tested product already trusted by dozens of sportsbooks all over the globe, Tzeract can slot seamlessly into your existing sportsbook and empower the evolution of the your product and trading, driven by our deep network data.




Tzeract’s leadership team is steeped in sports betting technology and math, boasting decades of industry experience.

David Jacquet

David Jacquet

David Jacquet leads the Tzeract team. Having previously served for several years as the SVP of Analytics at Kambi, David guides the vision and development of Tzeract’s algorithmic trading and product creation capabilities. He has worked in the sports betting industry for more than two decades, with achievements including the development of Kindred Group’s first in-play trading model.

Tomas Ericsson

Tomas Ericsson

Tomas Ericsson oversees Product and Operations at Tzeract. Tomas has over 15 years of experience in the sports betting industry, 13 of those at Kambi where he has specialised in trading and product innovation.

Markus Junghage

Markus Junghage

Markus Junghage is a Development Manager at Tzeract. With a background in developing advanced cybersecurity systems, Markus designs and builds the technology which keeps Tzeract’s AI-driven capabilities at the forefront of the industry.

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